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Biyectiva Tehcnology

We want to position ourselves as a technological benchmark in Spain and Europe. We want to light the way: to be the creators of the technology of the future.



In four years of activity, we develop some products based on A.I, and collaborations with local electricity companies, as technology supplier; Amazon Web Services; HP, as equipment manufacturer and the FIFA program RipollyDePrado, to estimate in the future how it would affect injuries, with A.I to make a numerical prediction of the number of injuries


Our experience in this field includes: the search for vehicles, the analysis of license plates, the detection and calculation of flows of people, their interaction with other elements, facial recognition, hyperspectral image analysis, the search for patterns and anomalies, and much more.

Search, matching and sign of the image: description of visual elements, visual research on image data base, detection of piracy content, scene recognition

Documental Management: Using Artificial Vision, we have developed a new system for automatically extracting information from documents: detection of specific fields, classification of automatic documents, extraction of relevant information from id. Documents.


Analyze, prediction, classification, and representation: automatic economic analysis of competition for pricing adjustment, sales prediction, or detection of anomalies in consumption; as well as the creation of dashboards, the representation of data on maps (GIS) or the creation of APIs.

loT: automatic management of the data generated by the sensors. This allows us to build A.I. personalized and efficient for the needs of each client.

Natural language processing: detection and classification of documents, classification of text, intentionality analysis, semantic detection, recommendation systems.

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C. de la Princesa, 25, 5to, 5
30353 cartagena Murcia