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AI Research in Europe

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The AI-on-demand aims to reinforce European excellence and its leading position worldwide in major AI research and application domains. It maintains and coordinates information about European research on human-centred AI, with a focus on five key areas: Explainable AI, Verifiable AI, Physical AI, Collaborative AI, and Integrative AI. Explainable AI, Verifiable AI, Physical AI, Collaborative AI, and Integrative AI.  The on-demand contributes to this research by developing new solutions that address selected technology gaps, and by laying new foundations that allow us to study and develop human-centred AI systems.



Europe has an excellent tradition in AI research, and many of today’s most successful AI methods originated in European universities and research institutes. Current AI tools, however, often lack features that are crucial to human-centred AI systems. Often, such systems are not:

  • Explainable, i.e., they don’t allow humans to understand the reasons behind recommendations or decisions;
  • Verifiable, i.e., they don’t guarantee fundamental properties like safety, privacy, and security;
  • Physical, i.e., they can’t interact with the physical world of humans;
  • Collaborative, i.e., they can’t share knowledge with humans and take decisions jointly with them;
  • Integrative, i.e., they can’t combine different requirements and methods into one AI system.


Ensuring that future AI-based systems have these five properties is fundamental to our ability to use AI to produce benefits for European society, industry and economy while being compliant with the ethical values that are at the centre of European culture. Here we aim to facilitate European AI research in five priority areas, and make research results available to all through the AI on-demand platform.

Visit the following pages to know more about the five key areas. You will also find pointers to people, knowledge, tools and discussions on the AI4EU platform.

Featured AI Categories

Explainable AI
AI & Big Data Analytics for Emergency Preparedness and Responses Systems
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  • Researchers

    We offer researchers an opportunity to make their results visible to industry, society and other researchers, and we foster collaboration across different sectors and disciplines.

  • Industry

    We help industry to understand if and how human-centred AI can be relevant to their problems, and we help them to find the relevant AI expertise and assets to solve these problems.

  • Students

    We provide a window to top level groups and the most advanced results in human-centred AI. We also provide networking opportunities for AI researchers interested in cross-sector collaboration.


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