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AI on Demand Platfrom Background

AI-on-Demand Platform

Knowledge and services for the AI community

AI-on-Demand Platform's new website coming soon! New user interface, new features! Stay tuned!

The AI-on-Demand Platform (AIoD) is a community-driven channel designed to empower European research and innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI), while ensuring the European seal of quality, trustworthiness and explainability.


AIoD facilitates knowledge sharing, research experimentation and development of state-of-the art solutions and technologies related with AI and AI-based robotics.


AIoD is an open and easily accessible environment for the AI community, including AI researchers from academia and industry, students, SMEs, Tech providers and EU funded projects, Digital Innovation Hubs and other EU bodies, who can use AIoD by:

  • Contributing with AI-related knowledge, assets, services or tools;
  • Making use of the numerous resources available, including educational courses;
  • learning about the potential and opportunities of AI applications;
  • Engage with other peers and experts.


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Know the results of the AI-on-Demand Preparatory Action

Are you interested in knowing the outcomes of Pre-pai?

The project has been working on the preparatory action for the Digital Europe programme. 

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Share your work on the AI-on-Demand Platform

Interested in showcasing your events, open calls, news, AI assets, research, use cases and more?

Add your content to the AI-on-demand platform through the collaboration page.


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AI-on-Demand Services

Experiments, Matchmaking, Digital Innovation Hubs, Planning, Earth Observation, Cyber Physical Systems and Energy.


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Access to the AI4Experiments platform and build AI solutions in a collaborative and intuitive way.


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online course

Education Resources

Browse, search and access all the AI education resources currently indexed in the AIoD platform, including distance courses, onsite courses, and more.

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AI Assets Catalog

Here you can browse, search and download all the AI assets currently indexed in the AIoD platform, including AI libraries, datasets, containers, and more.

You are welcome to publish your own AI assets!

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