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AI on Demand Platfrom Background

AI-on-Demand Platform

Knowledge and services for the AI community

The European AI-on-Demand (AIoD) platform seeks to bring together the AI community while promoting European values. The platform is a facilitator of knowledge transfer from research to multiple business domains.

The platform serves as a catalyst to aid AI-based innovation, resulting in new products, services, and solutions to benefit European industry, commerce, and society. By bringing people together, the community resource seeks to address the fragmentation of the European AI landscape and facilitate technology transfer from research to business.

The AIoD aims to create value, growth, and jobs in Europe through an ecosystem and a collaborative platform that unites the AI community, promotes European values, and supports research on human-centered and trustworthy AI.

Initiated in 2019 with the support of the European Commission, the platform will continue to develop over the coming years through further investment that will see the platform add additional services and tools. 

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AI-on-Demand Services

Experiments, Matchmaking, Digital Innovation Hubs, Planning, Earth Observation, Cyber Physical Systems and Energy.


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Ethics Guide

Do you want to learn more about trustworthy AI or make sure that your AI solution follows the European Commission's ethical guidelines

Discover assessment tools and articles on the AI-on-demand platform.

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AI Courses

Are you looking to access AI courses and learning materials? Explore the course catalogue of the AI-on-demand platform.

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Business and Industry

Find out about AI trends in industry verticals, explore case studies to help you understand how your business could benefit from AI, or browse the company catalogue.

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AI Research

Interested in learning more about AI research in Europe including Explainable AI, Verifiable AI, Collaborative AI and more?


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