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The European AI on Demand Platform

AI4EU is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for AI knowledge, technology, tools, services and experts.

Our services and our mission

Our Services

Here you find the latest news on cutting-edge AI applications, development trends, research, ethics and social impact. We inform you about upcoming events and invite you to join our community. Explore our catalog of AI assets, such as datasets, algorithms, tools and models. We provide access to the AI4EU Experiments platform where you can build AI solutions in an intuitive way.

Platform in development

Over the coming weeks and months this website will be updated with many new features and contents. The current site represents the first iteration of several versions that will continue to be updated through the inputs of many of Europe's leading AI organizations. Features such as profile registrations and the upload of content e.g. organizations, projects, assets, news, open calls, events etc. are all scheduled. We look forward to future releases and hope what is shared is something of added value to the community. If you have any questions or comments about the current site or wish to engage on any topic, please share your thoughts via email:


Our Mission

our mission
The European AI on Demand Platform brings together the AI community while promoting European values. The platform is a facilitator of knowledge transfer from research to business application.


The AI4EU Platform serves as a catalyst to aid AI-based innovation, resulting in new products, services and solutions to benefit European industry, commerce and society. By bringing people together on our platform, we counterbalance the fragmentation of the European AI landscape and facilitate technology transfer from research to business.

AI4EU aims at creating value, growth and jobs for Europe through an ecosystem and a collaborative platform, which unite the AI community, promote European values and support research on human-centered and trustworthy AI. Thus, the AI4EU consortium was established in January 2019 to build the first European Artificial Intelligence On-Demand Platform and ecosystem with the support of the European Commission under the H2020 programm.

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